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We proudly present a selection of our online projects. Further projects are currently under development.

SIS Sicherheit GmbH SIS Alarmanlagenbau GmbH

The web-site of SIS Alarmanlagenbau was published in 2004. The pages feature outstanding clearness and a compact design. Both results in short loading times even using a dial-up connection.
The Corporate Identity was revised together with the web-site. The title row picks up the radio waves used in the logo. The alert color red accords to the deep blue coloring. The design corresponds to the design of the parent company Schmid Alarm.


Schmid Alarm GmbH Schmid Alarm GmbH

The security portal of Schmid Alarm was started in 2003. The main focus in the development was on easy extensibility. The goal is to assemble a comprehensive portal concerning electronic alarming and video surveillance.
Buildings in the night compose the theme of the web-site. The database of images is dynamically extensible. Several dynamical elements are planed to provide the customer with current information


Philharmonia Musikverein München Philharmonia Musikverein München

In the course of the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens the greek music association Philharmonia Musikverein Munich approached us for a web-site. The pages introduce the various activities of the association. The web-site is prepared for international versions in greek and english. Using the webwave customer portal it is possible to add events to the program.
The choirmaster himself created the logo. The design picks up the drive of the staves. The Greek national color blue is unobtrusively used. The dynamically changing images present different Greek themes.


Fachanwalt Arbeitsrecht Rumke Fachanwalt Arbeitsrecht Rumke

The portal focuses on the topic of labour law. Due to the highly updated and qualified information the web-site is often referred to. The portal is continuously improved by webwave-media. In doing so we concentrate on clearness and structured content and avoid unnecessary ballast.


Dr. Besing Dr. Besing

The design of this web-site was based on a business card and is simple and clear. Adjustments were made regarding the environment of the practice.


Schreinerei Engel Schreinerei Engel

This web-site of jorg engel cabinets was designed based on the logo and the company colors red and yellow. After the company moved to Canada a English version was added.


Gemeindebücherei Tutzing Gemeindebücherei Tutzing

The portal for the public library Tutzing was published in 2001. The design communicates the themes waves and scrolls. Some parts of the web-site are dynamical and can be administrated using the webwave customer portal.